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Let's Do Lunch MightyNest for Schools

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I pledge to involve my kids in preparing their healthy lunches this school year

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14 million healthy lunches!
5 million pounds* of trash saved!

This summer, 40,000 parents joined us in pledging to "do" lunch and equip their families with reusable lunch gear for their healthy lunches. That's 14 million lunches sent in healthy containers. And since the average kid's school lunch creates 67 pounds of waste per year,* that's millions of pounds of trash saved from the landfill this school year!

If you haven't already, join in by taking the pledge above.

The three winners of the $1000 school prizes and lunch gear prize packs will be announced soon! Follow us on Facebook to be the first to hear.

*Based on EPA data using an average family size of two kids.

MightyNest supports your local school:

2. Try fresh ideas for kid-empowering lunches and support your mighty school in the process.

Over 40,000 US schools have supporters at MightyNest!

1. better goods for your kids' lunch

Goods worthy of the love and effort you put into sending a healthy lunch.
All our lunch gear and water bottles meet rigorous criteria for safety and practicality.
And every purchase at MightyNest donates 15% back to your school.

2. ideas for healthy kid empowering lunch

Fresh ideas for lunch and getting kids involved. Every new idea you try is
good for you and supports your school at the same time!

"let’s do lunch" giveaway

$270 worth of waste free lunch gear for yoru family

$270 of better lunch gear
+ $1,000 for your school!

All pledges through August 31, midnight CDT earned entries in our Let's Do Lunch giveaway. We're contacting the three winners and will be announcing winners and their schools as soon as they're confirmed.  

Giveaway terms and conditions

what people are saying about MightyNest for Schools

"As a PTA President, it is exciting to offer products that benefit our community while benefitting our school at the same time."

— Jenny B., Washington PTA Evanston, IL

We are so grateful for the work MightyNest does to ensure access to safe and non-toxic products. We are so glad to get our community engaged... and look forward to partnering more in the coming year."

— Carolyn S., Montclair Co-op Montclair, NJ

Frequent Questions

What kind of schools can participate in MightyNest for Schools?

Any accredited US preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school may participate and benefit in MightyNest for Schools. Most schools are already listed but if your school does not show up, you can add it here.

How does shopping raise funds for my school?

With any purchase on MightyNest, you can select a school during checkout. Upon completion of your order, we’ll credit 15% of the product value of your order to your school’s fundraising account.

How does my school get the money?

We donate via your school’s official parent organization or directly to the school if there is no parent organization. A school official simply needs to provide or confirm payment details to claim the funds in the school’s fundraising account.It’s that easy!

How are school donations paid out?

We pay schools twice a year (June and January) when a minimum of $100 has been raised.

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