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Promote Your MightyNest for Schools Fundraiser

Suggested Email Copy

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Dear Friends,

I want to tell you about MightyNest, a very exciting new fundraising partner for [[Your school name]]. When you shop at MightyNest.com, they will donate a whopping 15% of every purchase to our school! 

MightyNest offers an amazing selection of healthy, safe and non-toxic products for your family and home -- at prices comparable to other online retailers. Their hand-picked, parent-tested products include a wide range of school essentials like waste-free lunch gear, water bottles, and backpacks. They also have healthy housewares, body care, cleaning supplies, and much much more. Definitely see what MightyNest before you shop anywhere else online!

To support  [[Your school name]], just go to:

[[Add a link to your school's page here>>]]

In addition to great products, you'll find tons of great recipes and tips for a healthy home and family. Check it out now if you have a sec. And be sure to tell family and friends, so they can support our school when they shop MightyNest, too!

Thanks for your support. Here's to a Mighty school year!

MightyNest Fundraising Images and Posters

How to use these images:

First, click on the image to open it in a new window. Then right click (control-click on a Mac) and choose "Save image as...".

Next, visit your school's MightyNest fundraising and copy the web address out of your browser window. Link to this address when you post an image to Facebook, Pinterest or your school's website.

Requests? Email schools@mightynest.com